Girls of Japan — What makes us wild about Japanese girls?

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For a variety of reasons, Japanese girls have a reputation as the ideal possible wife or girlfriend. Many Japanese females are taught to love, appreciate, and devote themselves to their chosen man.

Asia has an array of beautiful Asian girls that melt the hearts of many western men who have decided to search beyond their backyards for their soul mates. Traditionally, Japanese wives are known as the women who walk behind their man and shadow him to ensure he does not go wanting. As a loyal husband, you first need to earn respect and trust of your Japanese sweetheart before she will walk behind you. And to achieve this dedication, you must first show her you are deserving by taking her on many dates until a common pattern of love occurs.

When you meet that special Japanese Girl, take her bowling, to a movie, karaoke, or a restaurant. Many Japanese girls own pets! Why? As teenagers and young adults, they are often raised by their parents with strict study schedules leaving no room to socialize or to make many friends. So pets are common among Japanese girls as a form of companionship. And if you have your radar set on a Japanese girl for romance, you will need to learn to love her pet too.

When you wine and dine a Japanese girl, steer away from Japanese restaurants as a young girl, and remain at home closely guarded by her parents, she will have eaten Japanese food virtually every day of her life. Fleshy meals with Korean or Chinese BBQs are not their preferred choice because of the smell. Instead, take her to a restaurant where there is an air of romance — French or Italian will do just fine.

Depending on your taste in Japanese girls, there are (generally) three different types:

Japanese Moe Girls

A typical Japanese Moe Girl is cute, thoughtful, and young to look at in the face. More girls like to dress up in very colorful clothing, even costumes. Try and picture a perfect-looking Japanese doll.

Japanese Gal Girls

Many a Gal Girl can be spotted in and around Tokyo. These young, sassy Japanese ladies frequently copy their rock idols, Ayumi Hamazaki and Kouda Kumi, and like dressing up as rock stars. Gal Girls are about as close as you will come to sexually liberated Japanese women — but it’s just for show. Gal Girls are technologically savvy and like to meet men on free online dating sites, and they love computer games and anything electronic.

Japanese Oh ne Girl

Oh ne, Japanese girls are sophisticated, well-spoken, and career-minded. They have a clean and beautiful look about them and are a popular choice for Japanese men. Oh ne Japanese girls are conscious of the latest fashions and swish labels who are very ambitious and are usually in the 25–35 year age bracket, often on the lookout for wealthy Japanese businessmen. One might say that the Japanese Oh ne Girl is a progression from the status of a Gal Girl or a Moe Girl.



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